What I Wore: Travel Essentials

So I finally got my holiday!


We went to Crete to visit the in-laws for 17 days. It was our first time travelling with a baby and we were so anxious and worried about the plane journey that when Ross’ brother asked us what we had planned when we eventually arrived, we stared at him blankly. We actually had no idea! I couldn’t think past the plane journey! Long story short, we fed the baby on take off and landing and pretty much every time he tried to winge, we shoved the bottle right in there and he was happy! SUCCESS

One thing I hate about travelling, no matter how organised I am, is the fact that you somehow always end up with a duty free bag full of crap that you have to cart about. You never have the time to repack jackets and jumpers and books and ipad/phones etc. that need to be screened before boarding! Add to that all the gear that one needs for a tiny little human and the last thing I need is to be wearing something that’s not comfy, versatile and sling friendly. Not to mention the fact that I had to plan for the return home in mid October from 25 degrees. Yeah it was a challenge.

But without further ado (or ranting) 😉

I’m always hot and flustered in the airport but it’s always chilly on the plane and I wanted something light that would keep me at the right temperature especially when wearing a baby! Having to remove layers if I got too hot (especially with a sleeping baby) was a no, no so I decided to go with this light little sweater, I’ve had it for a couple of years now and it goes with practically everything! It’s light enough for summer and very easy to layer over and under for autumn/winter. It has leather detailing around the neck, on the shoulder and on the elbows and it’s so soft and comfy. It was perfect.

 I picked up the jeans in Penneys/Primark. They’re one addition to my winter capsule wardrobe that I’m currently arranging (Watch this space)

They’re soft, stretchy, comfy and just all an all round great pair of jeans. I’ve been practically living in them since I bought them. Not bad for €13!!

The shirt underneath was nice and light and added the perfect layer under the thin jumper. It also added a softness to the overall outfit.

 The bag cost me just €3 and it’s the perfect size for our passports/boarding cards, wallet and phone. It’s amazing how much stuff I was able to fit into it. It’s an awesome colour too!

  Best bargain, yet!


I practically live in my DC’s. They’re the comfiest shoes around. I’ve owned so many pairs over the years and they’ve really lasted, great quality shoe. These are just one of three pairs that I own. (I’m a little obsessed)

  Baba’s first holiday!

Sweater with leather detail (old) – Penneys:  Similar here, here and here

Green Khaki Jeans -Penneys: Similar here, here and here

Zip front shirt (Old) -Penneys: Similar here and here

Orange cross body bag – Penneys: Similar here and here

Shoes (old) – DC Shoes, Similar here

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