Diary entry… The joys of parenting


He gives you this look that makes you think you’re the most important person in the room. Of course, you know that’s complete crap, because the dog is present and the dog wins the attention span wars…. everytime.

Still though, he looks at you, deep into your eyes and reaches a hand out to you slowly. He moves it closer to your face.
You think to yourself ‘he wants to make himself familiar with my features and learn the shape of my face’.
He places his palm on your cheek and you melt and for a split second all is well in the world.

Then he gives you an almighty dig in the nose.

You can’t get angry with him because at that very moment you realise that he still hasn’t developed full control over his limbs and putting your face down to him was a silly, silly idea! You sit there recoiling in pain, and cursing yourself. That one was an eye waterer for sure, you know the stinging sensation that travels up to your brain? YUP!

You sit there on the ground in front of your oblivious baby bouncing up and down with delight and blowing raspberries at his little plastic friends, in his wheel of neglect. You look at him being all cute and perfect and adorable and you think…. FML.



– A x


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