The Deal with Cloth – A Newbies review on Cloth Nappies and eco alternatives

Cloth or Disposable? Which is better? It’s a never ending debate and like everything they both have their pros and cons.

I’m not going to get into all of that, this website has some pretty good info that can help you make your own mind up.

I’m relatively new to the whole cloth thing. So I’m only going to cover the types/brands that I’ve used and what I personally think of them. When I got pregnant I started searching for an eco alternative to disposables. The fact that it takes a single disposable 500 years to degrade scared me so I did a bit of research.

The Cloth Nappy Library is great and they’ve loads of information, everything you could ever want to know and no stupid abbreviations that newbies like myself can’t understand. Man I hate abbreviations.

I found Little Lamb and heard some great things about their nappies, so I decided to buy one of their Nappy Kits in their online sale back in January. These are known as Two-Part Systems. You have the nappy and then the separate waterproof cover. I got 20 Microfibre Nappies including boosters, liners (Fleece and flushable disposables) a laundry bucket and some tea tree oil (For disinfecting them thoroughly from time to time) I invested in 6 wraps and have since then purchased some cute little designs. See the images below. They also have free postage to Ireland so that’s an added bonus! IMG_0505  IMG_0506 IMG_0507 IMG_0508 IMG_0509 IMG_0510

I have to say, I love these nappies. They’re so soft and because they’re microfibre they come out of the machine practically dry! The covers are so cute and they’re so easy to put on with the velcro tabs, they’re known as bombproof because they hold in even the most explosive poos. They’re just great. And just look at this cute little bottom! 🚼⤵ IMG_0504

The one thing about them is that they’re quite bulky, he’s a pretty big baby anyway so I have him in some 3-6 month clothes already at 10 Weeks, but the vests are quite snug when he’s wearing the nappy. Also when he’s sitting in his car seat, he doesn’t seem to be able to bend fully, it looks uncomfortable but It doesn’t seem to bother him in the slightest. So maybe that’s just me over-thinking it too much.

Little Lamb All in Ones

They’re the most value for money, you don’t have to fork out for a separate cover, you can adjust the size so they fit from birth until the toddler years. These are just fleece lined waterproof covers that you add the boosters and liners to. Again I got 6 just to try them, but I can’t handle all the snap buttons. They’re a pain in the ass. But as the baby gets older we all know how exciting it can be to pull at velcro so with the snaps you’re guaranteed the nappy will stay on!

Bambino Mio Pre-Fold Nappies:
I picked up a little starter pack at Aldi’s Baby and Toddler event. The pack included two wraps, the one above and a white wrap, and four nappies (See Below) The Nappies are 100% Cotton and you fold them to fit into the wrap. There’s different folds for  baby boys, girls and newborns. You can check out a handy video here

They’re not quite as bulky as the Little Lamb ones, the cotton nappy is super absorbent and Finn seems comfortable enough in them. You can buy All in Ones* too, which unlike the Little Lamb have velcro fastening as opposed to the poppers/snap fastening.

*These I haven’t tried.

Bambino Mio Woodland Fox Cover over Little Lamb Nappy


The gNappy!

I ordered this one to try (plus 50% of the proceeds of this Gentle Giants cover went towards a great cause)
It’s basically a cute little cover with a waterproof snap pouch (Which can be swapped out), that you add a cloth or biodegradable insert into.
They’re relatively the same size as a disposable and they just seem to be super comfy. It contained a poop explosion and didn’t leak overnight. I haven’t used the cloth inserts, yet, (I’m planning on buying a pack) but I bought a pack of disposable inserts that you can compost or bin, you can use the cover for up to seven nappy changes and the velcro closes at the back, so little hands can’t pull at it.

The downside: They’re more expensive than the Little Lamb nappies and Bambino Mio and the postage can be a bit steep, you have to make sure to change the disposable inserts quite regularly, (every couple of hours) but in saying that, they’re not as bulky and Finn just looked comfortable and content in it.
I’m definitely going to invest in a few more!

The eco alternative: I don’t use cloth all the time. When I’m out and about and at bed time I prefer to use disposables. The brand I use are Beaming Baby Nappies. They’re 75% Biodegradable and degrade in 4 years as opposed to 400! They’re not 100% biodegradable hence why I only use them from time to time, but still it’s handy having a stash especially for babysitters (Cloth can seem a bit daunting) I order them through Earth Mother and they usually arrive the next day! They’re a great nighttime nappy! 

Like I said above, this post only covers what I’ve personally tried and tested.
Please feel free to comment below.
I’d love to read your suggestions on other brands of Cloth/Eco- Disposable nappies.

A x


3 thoughts on “The Deal with Cloth – A Newbies review on Cloth Nappies and eco alternatives

  1. Lovely clear concise posy about different nappy types. Can really be daunting when starting out first so nice to find plain English info! And great to see the library getting a plug.

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