An Bean Sidhe

The story of how An Bean Sidhe came about…

Marian Rose as The BansheeNick Hurt as ChristianRebecca Phelan as Lorraine Images by

So I found this script online and got in touch with the writer Eoin O’Sullivan who just so happened to be living in Dublin. Eoin travelled down to meet me and I managed to convince him that I could get this film made.

My good friend Mark Kennedy of Eden Hairdressing (You can see more of Mark and Co’s work here: came on board again to do the hair and we had the lovely Cara Mundy doing sfx and make-up.
I got Marian Rose back to work with me as The Banshee. Her gorgeous clear, pale complexion and amazing dark hair were just perfect! The wonderfully talented Nick Hurt and Rebecca Phelan were roped in to play Christian and Lorraine.

I brought my friend, award winning director Paul Lynch, on board and we rounded up an amazing cast and crew of people and decided to just go out and make a movie. As you do, trust me though, it was not easy!
So the film took a while and a lot of blood, sweat and tears but it’s finally completed and we’re having a charity screening on the 6th of November in the Theatre Royal, Waterford.

Tickets are available at the link below and are selling really fast! Which is nice to hear 🙂

I recently did an interview with The Movie Bit on the  making of the film and future plans for it, you can check it out here

Here’s a link to the trailer and we hope to see you at the screening!



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